My first post!

Hey People,


I know there is probably no one reading this but I guess this is me talking to myself, It has been A year since I gave birth to my first son and I know some people will say “its only been a year, you are so young what do you know.” Well I know I am very young (only 18 years old) but in the time I was pregnant and postpartum I was hit by a semi-truck of real life, postpartum depression, losing my mother, having my father, brother, and his girlfriend living with Me and My now husband, it was a lot to learn how to handle all while taking care of a crazy little man, and planning a wedding but I did manage to get threw it all, there are still obstacles A head of me but I hope if anyone is reading this you will come along for the ride, I will post at least Once a week.

Until then Little birdies, Heads up.


3 thoughts on “My first post!

  1. You seem to be a strong woman. My mother was 16 when she had me and she was the most amazing mother a girl could ask for. I’m sure you’re a great mama! I will be following along 🙂


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