Valentines Day.

Hello little birdies it’s me again, how are you? how was your weekend?

With Valentines day tomorrow as a wife I am to be romantic and think of all these cool ideas of how to spend our day, my sister is taking our baby for the day and all I can think about doing is going to the store and cleaning the house, is that bad? all of my friends (even the ones with kids) are going out to eat and to the movies, I feel like I have aged 30 years in the past few months, but anyways this was a very short post/question post how are you guys spending your Valentines day?


One thought on “Valentines Day.

  1. We don’t celebrate because we consider it a normal day. We don’t need a day where everyone is doing the same to celebrate our love. We only celebrate our anniversary. It’s okay if you don’t feel like doing what other people are doing as long as you are happy! Lots of love 🙂

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