Is It Time.

Why hello there little birdies,

I write this from a new place, I got a new office room(one of our over-sized closets) So as you read the title Is It Time, I was sitting in My Husband and I’s kitchen when My brother (He is 20 now) And his girlfriend and 4 of there friends come in the house being extremely noisy, and pushing each-other then they run up the stairs (Keep in mind My sons room is right next to the spare one they are staying in) they had scared him awake from his nap, and Made me extremely angry because they know My sons sleeping schedule, And they still do stuff like that, My husband thinks it is time to kick them out but I don’t think they could make it without our help. I am sorry for this post being mostly a rant but I will hopefully be back soon with a better post after my mind clears room.

Bye-bye for now little birdies.


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