It has been a while.

Why hello there,

I Know it has been a moment, but I needed a small time to think about where I wanted things to go with my writing and with my health, I was in a bad point and I had no idea what I wanted to do, But I finally feel something when I write now I feel like my heart is truly in what I am writing, I know it sounds kind of dumb but I finally feel like I am meant to do something besides take care of people and my house.

I am sorry for the wait and a very short post I will post something better tomorrow evening, or sooner.

until then little birdies.


More than I can handle.

Hello there,

After quiet a few updates to our house, and A lot of other things going on in my life, My other brother, Now 38 is moving in this weekend after my sons birthday party, I am sitting in my office looking at the ceiling ready to cry because without my mother I feel like I should be there to take care of my family, Even though most people wouldn’t do that for this much family, I know my mom would have, and that makes me want to, we have a big enough house, its just I feel like I don’t have ANY privacy in my own house.

I am sorry for this kind of rant but I needed a little venting, I will have a better post soon, I promise.

Until then Little Birdies.


Well hello there,

As you see by the title it is 3:01 A.M. as I am writing this, I have had a realization recently that prompted me to make quiet a few changes in my life, I changed my house, I changed my wardrobe (I hardly have any clothes left), I changed my hair, and I changed my eating habits, I use to hate change, if anything in my life would change I would have panic attacks and I would freak out, but having my life turned upside down this last year has made me realize holding onto everything isn’t always the best thing to do, so I started by sorting out all of my clothes and old stuff, I had to rent a huge dumpster to get rid of it all, but I noticed that I like my life a lot more now that I have started to unclutter my house and life, I use to never believe people when they say things won’t always be as bad as they we’re, but it is true although life is still throwing HUGE curve balls I can say It wasn’t as bad as it was before.

Until next time Little Birdies.


I am so sorry

Well Hello there,

It has been a little while since I got on my computer sat down and had something I actually felt like writing about, I started writing stories and one of them turned out great, and I recently took some time to try to get my life straightened out, I have Re-done my room painted and got all new furniture, I am also starting to re-do our living room, dinning room, and kitchen, sorry I was so busy with all of this and planning my sons first birthday party which is coming up this coming Saturday, so expect more to come in the next few weeks.


Until next time little birdies.