Destine For Nothing

Hello to the non-existent readers,

I was going to post tomorrow but I guess being early is good unless you are me. I don’t really know what to write anymore, I don’t really find joy in writing anymore. but I just wanted to update my site.

Until next time, Bye Bye.



Officially Back

Well it has been a good time since I was on here and actually had something I wanted to say, well I am here to say I have changed my mind about a lot. I know, I know I will never settle on anything but I can always try things like my family tells my older brother “Don’t worry your still young!” I am taking their words in now. Last year was a huge year for me my son turned one, I went camping with my large family from all over the united states, I went to Detroit, I went on quiet a few beach visits (about 20), Many night car rides, and Visiting Michigan’s upper peninsula. The Upper peninsula was one of my favorite trips though I will share why on my next post.


Until next time, bye, bye!

I’m Back!

I took a small break, during my break a lot happened, But I missed writing in general, My laptop charger broke and I can’tĀ find my other laptop charger, but things always have a way of working out.

I hate this time of the year, its not warm enough to have a beach day, yet not cool enough to sit around a fire in sweats drinking warm apple cider. Not just that though its the time of year I hate most because its getting close to my birthday, and since my mother is no longer around no one is here to remember my age, favorite color, favorite cake flavor, and most importantly remember the actual day I was born, to be honest my father hasn’t remembered in 6 years, and my family couldn’t care less.

Well until next time Bye Bye!


It has been a while.

Why hello there,

I Know it has been a moment, but I needed a small time to think about where I wanted things to go with my writing and with my health, I was in a bad point and I had no idea what I wanted to do, But I finally feel something when I write now I feel like my heart is truly in what I am writing, I know it sounds kind of dumb but I finally feel like I am meant to do something besides take care of people and my house.

I am sorry for the wait and a very short post I will post something better tomorrow evening, or sooner.

until then little birdies.